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Chinese consumers a few years ago the Chinese market, the rapid influx of "foreign brand" is full of chase with favor, with luxury is a status symbol, the pursuit of big international line is the number of consumers who turned fashion bored of pleasure. However, with the gradual transition to rational consumption concept stage, those familiar with the big brands in the domestic sales showed weakness, combined with domestic cheap michael kors bags for sale growing middle-class consumer groups and become a consumer-driven, consumer apparel brand of choice not occurred small changes.

Extravagant luxury brand significantly favor the good momentum of light

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

However, in China's high-end luxury consumer enters a downturn, the international luxury brand Chanel, Cartier and other global prices again started the wind. Chanel and other brands in overseas markets increases of 10% to 15%, the domestic price increases classic about 3%.

According to Bain & Company study showed that calculated according to a fixed exchange rate, the global sales of luxury goods this year, individuals are expected to grow 4% to 6% in 2013, an increase of 6.5%. Luxury sales are expected to slow further in 2014, due to weak China, Russia and European demand, offsetting the rise and strong global demand for tourist shopping United States and Japan. Chinese luxury goods market into cold.

Since 2012, a veteran sales of luxury goods in China has been cheap michael kors bags for sale precarious, Bain & Company released data show that the global luxury market is shifting from a growth engine in China as the representative of the East to the West and South.

In stark contrast is the "light luxury" brand a strong rise in China. From the fourth quarter of last year, the top niche luxury brands into China focused trend is quite clear, Zilli, JohnLobb, Lvanka Trump concentrate entered the Chinese market.

Minority and low-key luxury brands have seen the Chinese consumers mature, LOGO worship era has passed, from the visible to the invisible changes in consumer spending, gave these light luxury brand opportunities. And why Chinese consumers have such a difference in the concept of change?

First, the light is a derivative of rational consumption of luxury goods, compared to the traditional luxury expensive price, light luxury goods consumers while maintaining the excellent quality of the product experience, while product prices relatively approachable lot.

Secondly, light luxury brand in the product development easier for innovation, can quickly fill a big luxury after "low tide" leaving gaps in the market. The industry is "light luxury" is defined as "affordable luxury." Specifically, there is a moderate price,cheap michael kors bags for sale popular design, good quality, high-end brand stores in the mall there. Currently, the most representative market light luxury brand Michael Kors, extend the product line and vice Coach, Kate Spade, and some big-name luxury goods, such as Alexander McQueen's MCQ, Vice-line Giorgio Armani's Emporio Armani and so on.

The brand is characterized not only have the luxury of "gene", style characteristics, and their own very unique sense of design, but also take into account the relatively young consumers, changing the mentality. Most importantly, the price of luxury grade light downward, so that more people can afford to consume. Dean wealth Quality Institute Zhou Ting said that with the gradual growth of the consumer as well as to improve the transparency of information, and the luxury of space to further reduce premiums, consumers began to pay attention when buying luxury goods "cost" of the.

In addition, unique, rare, exotic luxury properties, from luxury goods serve minority staff reduced to a common product, of course, it is also filled with a lot of big names in the middle of imitation goods in the domestic market such as the now popular "A goods." For those who seek individuality, not associating with the mass consumption of consumers, what can only satisfy its luxury, yet stylish, and consumption is not high? Lightweight luxury brand to become the best choice.

Light extravagance win over the young middle-class consumers become the main force of consumption

People Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store Sales Manager Chang cheap michael kors bags for sale Rui believes that with respect to the foreign consumer groups, light luxury brand in the country is facing a younger group and personalized to the age of 25 to 40 years of consumer groups most active. This lightweight luxury consumer groups on the pursuit of goals are not the same, and some consumers have a certain economic conditions and the appreciation of the fashion industry have a certain understanding, the pursuit of life and reflects the social status of the high-grade; Some consumers are young professionals, busy at work I want to reward yourself occasionally; are also housewives.

A statistical data from the consulting firm Bain Show: Light extravagance of the main consumer groups are middle class, accounting for 50%; 30% is the new rich class; 15% are corporate executives, wealthy and other affluent; 5% of the family housewife. In Renhe Spring Department Store Marketing Director Zhai snow view, "If we put the consumer market is divided into five layers of the pyramid, according to the twenty-eight law analysis, are in the second and third tiers of consumers is the most potential to be digging. "

Light luxury consumer groups as well as a significant consumer characteristics: the hope that the "big shots", "Tyrant" to distinguish, the pursuit of quality, educated low-key luxury.

Luxury brand positioning in the market by 1% or less of the consumer groups, it seems more likely to profit, manufacturing scarcity, from manufacturing, manufacturing symbol itself is the core of luxury marketing. But in the Chinese market, only the eyes fixed on 1% of consumers, most of the luxury goods may be nothing, because the Chinese luxury consumer groups have very different European countries. In the United States and Europe, the major luxury fashion consumer groups are basically people over the age of 40, but in China, luxury fashion consumer groups getting younger and younger features a wide range of focus of 18 years to 50 years old; small concentrated in 30 years to 50 years old; 18-year-old to 39-year-olds is the main consumer of luxury fashion michael kors bags for sale This means that luxury if only to sell products to those positioned to be older, wealthy Chinese wealthy, the market space is very limited.

More importantly, the Chinese consumers in a chase for the fashion stage, strictly speaking, light luxury consumer groups can not be clear criteria for the classification, on many occasions, light luxury and luxury consumer groups are together present, when there intersection. In particular, some brands intentional business model - to attract consumers through win-win strategy for complex and more difficult to distinguish between light luxury consumer groups, but in any case, one thing is clear: Light luxury products are constantly increasing consumer groups tends to be subdivided, their loyalty to their own light luxury brands is increasing.

Increase the proportion of light luxury mall to ease criticism of homogenization

Positioning in the domestic high-end shopping malls or department stores, international luxury brands to become the standard, in order to bring these high-end brands, even at the lower average number of shopping malls deduction, what is more willing to store their own money to make improvements to these big brands, in addition to the consideration to be paid to attract many big names keep up appearances, but also to do their own shopping promotion, management, this is an open secret in the industry. However, because of format duplication, single, major shopping centers and therefore are frequently criticized, such as business rules leads to the mall and finally had to give up the luxury of big investment introduction, turned to light luxury brands extending an olive branch.

Today, many department stores and luxury goods began to refuse to play the cheap michael kors bags for sale"loss game", not because of traditional luxury Shenmeipilao, more helpless and select department stores under the premise of self-interest considerations to make. From the sales rebate, the domestic brand point deduction at the mall is usually 20% to 30%, and some luxury brands deduction can be as low as 10% or less. Mall on a large part of sales rebates less profit, we need to do to promote the mall itself and management, the last possessor basically big, but rather a number of walking routes tide light luxury brand, bags and channels higher profit rate, but also has a strong ability to attract customers, thus becoming the darling of the light luxury brand mall department store industry.

People from Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store January to April this year, the data show: Light luxury sales growth of 23% over last year, sales increased by 15%, customer price increase of 8%, representing 30% of total luxury performance; Light extravagant spending price band at 3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan, Love Moschino, DKNY, Red Valentino and other international brands of light-based luxury brand extension brand performance is relatively good. At the same time, Beijing Han Kuang department was renamed the occasion of the brand also made adjustments, Wang Han Kuang drizzle department cheap michael kors bags for sale chairman said it would increase the proportion of light luxury brand presence based on the original.

Light extravagant consumption of the popular release of an attitude of Chinese consumers seeking luxury, no longer blindly follow the trend of big-name, or to buy a luxury and "moderation" for several months, but the light extravagant spending more advocacy is an attitude to life, rather than for a specific brand of favor and buy, so, whether it is the consumer, brand, or shopping malls, will be more rational to accept light luxury goods consumption.